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ABG Technologies is a software development partner that thrives on innovative technology and commitment to amplify growth, and ambitions and expedite time to produce quality outcomes.

Our result-driven and Quality-obsessed work at ABG builds teams and produces a custom special and specific software development experience to meet any skill set, complexity, demand, or scale.

We believe in turning ideas into great digital products which can be used to generate potential and imitate development. Thanks to a collaboration between our unique talents and young minds we solve business challenges by building app- based solutions that provide stability and credibility to the people we work for. We are a leading Information Technology Company based in India in the city of lakes Udaipur, Rajasthan

We work on scalable backend solutions like (Python, Java, Node.js, Golang), and JavaScript (React, Angular) on the frontend, as well as mobile apps accessible on Android & iOS devices (Flutter, React Native, Kotlin, Swift).


The Key factors On Which We Always Focus On Are-


We believe in clear and Prompt communications which provide visibility, and stability and increase the speed of action to produce valuable and efficient work.


Our ethics in transparency and honesty ensure understanding and alignment in all our endeavors and projects.


We are synonyms to trust as we keep promises to the fullest and deliver results demonstrating our value and building strong credibility.

Education And Learning

Our continuous efforts of improvement and learning from every mistake and achievement keeps us moving forward to the next level and delivering beyond expectations.

Our Strength

Our team's cohesion and a deep sense of understanding help us resolve our clients' challenges regarding software and digital problems and doubts at lightning speed. We all count and depend on one another to lend a hand or an idea that could bring tremendous change when it's needed the most. For example, every line of code written by our engineer is reviewed and evaluated by another, to ensure the consistent high quality, efficiency, and reliability of all of our code and work.